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Built in 1960, the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge pictured above,  transverses the mighty St. Lawrence River and connects the USA to Canada. The local Native American Iroquois referred to the nearby Oswegatchie River as Swe-kat-si, which is a corruption of a Huron word meaning "black river." Our founding members decided to adopt this word as a name for our chapter.  The photo of the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge, entitled "Fourth Coast Canadian Sunset," was photographed by artist Kyle D. Hartman.

In addition to participating in joint meetings with other northern New York DAR chapters, we enjoy international friendship when we get together with the DAR chapter from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Pictured above in the left picture, are chapter members with members from  Bytown Chapter of Ottawa Ontario.  Jennifer Baird Bixby, chapter registrar, is pictured on the right holding the DAR Library DVD.  Both photos are courtesy of artist Sally White Hartman.

The Monument to Abbe Francois Picquet

This monument, commissioned in 1899 by members of Swe-kat-si Chapter, NSDAR, is a grey granite obelisk dedicated to the memory of Abbe Picquet who established a fortified mission in May 1749, at the confluence of the Oswegatchie and St. Lawrence Rivers on what is now Lighthouse Point in Ogdensburg NY. Known as Fort de la Presentation it was the center of a parish for nearly 3,000 Catholic Iroquois by 1755, and was a French outpost during the French and Indian War. During the American Revolution, the post was in British hands. Following the war the fort eventually became an American garrison but after a major battle here during the War of 1812 the fort was abandoned.

Today there is a considerable movement to reconstruct Fort de la Presentation adjacent to the original site. In 1969 the obelisk was moved from its location on Lighthouse Point to the grounds of Notre Dame Church, but in 2009 it was returned to its original site near the fort and rededicated. Two interpretive panels were installed next to the monument telling stories of this fort and the nearby location of Fort Levis, also an historic site.

The Swe-kat-si Chapter, NSDAR, supports the reconstruction of Fort de la Presentation.

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DAR monument honoring Abbe Picquet.
Photo courtesy of artist Joel Bixby.
Fort de la Presentation site plan.
Photo courtesy of the Fort de la Presentation web site.
Vintage map of Fort de la Presentation
 Photo courtesy of the
Fort de la Presentation web site
The Frederic Remington Art Museum
The Ogdensburg
Public Library

Eva Caten Remington, wife of Frederic Remington, lived in the Parish Mansion from 1915-1918.  The mansion was founded as the Remington Art Museum in 1923.

The Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY.
Photo courtesy of the
Frederic Remington Art Museum web site.
Housing collections of Remington's 17 bronzes, over 70 paintings and hundreds of illustrations, works on paper and thousands of archival materials from the Remington estate it is the largest repository of this artist's work. The Swe-kat-si Chapter of the NSDAR, has supported the work of this institution since its inception.

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The Ogdensburg Public Library

Located within the Ogdensburg Public Library the "Swe-kat-si" room has for years been used as a chapter meeting room. In recent years the room has been converted to a local history room and is utilized as a resource by both US and Canadian researchers.

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The Ogdensburg Public Library, Ogdensburg NY.
Photo courtesy of the Ogdensburg Public Library web site.
Photo on Right : The History Room at the Ogdensburg Public Library, Ogdensburg NY.
Photo courtesy of artist Sally White Hartman
The Spirit of Liberty
 A portrait of Sally James Farnham.
Photo courtesy of the
Sally James Farnham web site.
The Spirit of Liberty,
Library Park, Ogdensburg NY.
Photo courtesy of the artist Joel Bixby.
Noted artist Sarah (Sally) Welles James Farnham (1869-1943), an early member of Swe-kat-si Chapter, sculpted the monument Spirit of Liberty as a tribute to the soldiers and sailors of the Civil War.  Commissioned in 1904 by the Town of Oswegatchie, Sally called this statue her most personal and rewarding creation, allowing her to honor the memory of her father and others who fought in the Civil War. It stands in the park behind the library in Ogdensburg, NY, home to Swe-kat-si Chapter, NSDAR, founded in 1896.

Although Farnham was applauded for her skill with portraits, it was her husband George Paulding Farnham, noted Tiffany designer; and her personal friend and mentor, artist Frederic Remington (also an Ogdensburg native), who urged her to apply her talents to sculpture. She earned the respect of critics who heralded her as one of the leading female sculptors working on a heroic scale in America.

In 1916, the Venezuelan government commissioned her to create a monument to Simon Bolivar, the great South American liberator. When dedicated in 1921 in Central Park in New York City it was lauded as the largest bronze ever created by a woman. Farnham
's works appear all over the United States, including many as tributes to the Civil War. She also sculpted the bust of President Warren G. Harding. In 1909 following the death of Frederic Remington she provided final details and finishes to his sculpture The Stampede and oversaw its casting at The Roman Bronze Works, which also produced her own work.

Swe-kat-si Chapter, NSDAR, has been active in the care and preservation of the statue entitled Spirit of Liberty.

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Fourth Coast Canadian Sunset.
 Photo courtesy of artist Kyle D. Hartman.

Fourth Coast
        Canadian Sunset