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The following is a list of patriots from whom
current members can prove their lineages:
(Locations of service credits are noted at the end of each entry.)

Andrew Ackerman, Pvt. in Capt. Anthony Selin's Company under Col.
Moses Hazen, NJ.

Henry Amidon, Capt. under Col. Joel Jones, CT.

Isaac Austin
, Pvt. in Capt. Hitchcock
's Regiment in the 4th Company of Col.
's Regiment, RI.

Aaron Axtell
, Sgt. under Capt. Samuel Healy and Col. John Jacobs, MA.

Daniel Axtell, Pvt., MA

Ezra Badlam, Sgt. Capt. Daniel Vose's Company; rose rapidly to rank of
Capt; served in Gen. Lee
's Company in NY; led the party that took possession of Mt. Independence in VT opposite Fort Ticonderoga NY; was also in Canada; was promoted to Maj.  in Command of Artillery in the Northern Department, MA.

Francis Baird
, Tavern Owner who provided sustenance and shelter to troops as
well as to Gen. George Washington and Martha Washington, NY.

Henry Barlow,
VA, Patriotic Service.

Phineas Beardsley
, Capt. in 7th Regiment under Col. Herman Smith, CT.

Ezekiel Belknap
, Lt. under Col. Thomas Bartlett, Capt. John Calfe
Company and also under Col. John Waldron, NH.

Peter Bellinger
, Sr., Lt. Col. in 4th Battalion, Tryon County militia, NY.

Samuel Bertholf
, Pvt. under Col. John Hathorn; signed the Revolutionary
Pledge in 1775, NY.

David Craig
, Pvt. in Capt. John Dey
's Company, 2nd Battalion under Col.
John Neilson, NJ milita, NJ.

Thomas DeKay
, Pvt. in the militia, 4th Regiment under Col. John Hathorn, NY.

Jonathan Halsey
, signed Articles of Association, NY.

John Holbert, Sr.
, Soldier in the 4th Regiment of militia under Col. John Hathorn; Capt. in Col. J. Clinton
's Regiment, NY.

Peter Hull
, Lt. in Capt. Andrew Luck
's Company, Col. John Brown's
Regiment; Capt. Increase Hewen
's 6th Company, Col. D. Rosseter's 3rd Berkshire County Regiment of militia; Capt. Peter Porter's Detachment, Gen. Fellow's Berkshire Brigade; Gen. Stark at Albany; at Fort Ann in Ticonderoga NY; Capt. Aaron Rowley's Company, Col. John Brown's Detachment of Berkshire County Militia, MA.

Josiah Johnson
, 2nd Lt. of the 16th Company in the 5th Regiment of militia, MA.

Nathaniel Knapp, Jr.
, served in the militia under Capt. Denton; signed Articles of Association in 1775, NY.

Nathaniel Knapp, Sr.
, signed Articles of Association in 1775, NY.

John Land, Soldier, VA Continental Line.

Thomas Land, Sr., Patriotic Service, NC.

Abial Lane, Sr., Corp. in 4th Regiment, MA.

Joseph Leach
, Naval Capt., MA.

Peter Lentz
, Pvt. Tryon County Militia, 4th Regiment under Capt. Henrich  Starring and Col. Bellinger, NY.

James Masters, VA

John Masters, VA

Ephraim Mills, Pvt. in the 18th Regiment, answered the call at Lexington in April 1775, CT.

John Mott, (service in question), NY.

Ithamar Pelton
, Pvt. who served in Lexington Alarm, CT.

John Phelps
, provided equipment and supplies to soldiers; defended Fort
Boonesborough, VA.

Daniel Pierce
, Pvt. in Capt. Daniel Brown
's Company, Col. Benjamin
's Regiment of militia, MA.

Abraham Poor
, Lt. in Capt. Thomas Poor
's Company in Col. James
's Regiment, MA.

Peter Renfro, Sr., patriotic service, NC.

Peter Robbins, Soldier and Seaman in RI.

Nathaniel Roe, Sr., Capt. in the 3rd Regiment; signed Articles of
Association, NY.

Lemuel Sanford
, Member of the Committee of Supply, represented Town in
General Assembly 1770-1789, CT.

Dr. Elisha Sill, Surgeon, General Wolcott's Brigade of Volunteers, CT.

Caleb Smith, signed Articles of Association; member of the State Assembly; served as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, NY.

Epenetus Smith
, Lt. in 3rd Company, 3rd Regiment of Minute Men of
Suffolk County Militia; signed Articles of Association in 1775; Chairman of the Committee of Smithtown in 1776, NY.

Samuel Smith
, signed Articles of Association in Orange County in 1775, NY.

James Stapp, Sr., Patriotic Service, NC.

John Sutton, Sr., 2nd Lt. in Capt. John Wisner's Company of Minute
Men and in the militia, 4th Regiment (had the tip of his nose blown off during service) under Col. John Hathorn, NY.

Theodorus VanWyck
, signed Declaration of Sundry Inhabitants of Queens
County NY in 1776 in Defense of American Liberty, NY.

Benjamin Wait
, Lt., Capt. and Maj., VT.

Elisha Wolcott
, Soldier in Capt. Chester Wells
' Company under Col. Chester, CT.

Jacob Zoller
, Pvt. in 1st Tryon County Regiment, NY.

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