Old Hellebergh Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Guilderland Center, New York



The Old Hellebergh Chapter, NSDAR was organized on May 10, 1979. The chapter has 72 members, and meets at 7 pm on the first Thursday of the month, except for January and February.

Old Hellebergh was chosen as the name of the 186th Chapter in the New York State Organization, Daughters of the American Revolution. The name honors Arthur B. Gregg, author of Old Hellebergh. The Guilderland Center Chapter is located in the shadow of this mountain in a section of the Town of Guilderland, Albany County, lying between the Normanskill Creek and the western mountain boundary known in the early days as the Hellebergh. Translated from the German, Helle-Bergh meant bright or clear mountain; the cliffs are formed of light-colored limestone which gives them their white appearance. In Revolutionary War days, they were known as the nest of robbers and hatcheries of treasonable design.

Old Hellebergh Mountain represents stability, strength, and power. It serves as an inspiration to our Chapter.

For membership information, please contact Gwendolyn Bondi.

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